BT Gift Card Login

BT Gift Card Login

The card of BT Rewards comes pre-loaded with money. You can use the card in all places that accept MasterCard. It also uses a chip and a pin to make it more secure than spending cash.

If you shop online, you will not be able to split payments between this card and another on the same transaction, as most online retailers can’t support it.

When you qualify, you must have ordered something on as part of the BT rewards card offer.

The card is valid for 12 months after the expiry date on the front of the card (or, 12 months from when it was issued).

Your BT ID is your username and password for accessing My BT. You can use it to check the status of your online account and claim your reward.

You are entitled to a card or gift if you’ve ordered broadband that is eligible.

You can see if you are eligible by opening your order confirmation email or by logging into myBT.

So, how can I get a BT reward card?

After the service is ready:

  • Navigate to the Claim a Reward Card web page.
  • Sign in to the website and enter your password and ID to find out if you have a reward.
  • Submit the form. Then, they will send your card to you within 30 days of workdays. In some cases, if you have BT Mobile, and if you are able to get a card, you may claim this 30 days after you buy the card.

How do I get my BT reward card activated?

Do not worry, they will mail you an email to activate the account with all the necessary details.

  • First, visit to start the activation process.
  • Fill in the 9 digit ID and enter the activation code. This is the number that you will find at the bottom side of the card.
  • After you activate the card, they will give you a pin, and you’re done.
  • To check how much money you are owed, you may download the PureCard app or go to

You are allowed to use the card for 12 months after they have issued it. If you do not use it during that time, they will take away any money left.

You can activate your card in three months, starting when the service and product are ready. Or, you will lose the money that is available on your card.

If you have activated your virtual reward card and it still does not work, please contact the BT reward card service team on 0344 879 1068 or email

BT and the retailer must treat every transaction as if it were genuine. If you do these:

  • When you pay with your card in-store, your pin will be used.
  • You swipe your physical card at the till, and not using a pin, to pay the bill.
  • When payment is available on your physical card, you can use the contactless payment facility to pay in-store.
  • You have already paid the amount that you expected to pay using the security details of your physical or virtual card.
  • When you pay by phone, use the security details of the physical or virtual card.

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