Costa Gift Card Login

Costa Gift Card Login

You and your friend can purchase a Costa gift card. The gift card has a balance that you can redeem at participating stores. You can choose to buy either a physical gift card (that is made of plastic) that is delivered by post, or an electronic gift that is delivered by email.

It is possible to use physical or egift cards simply by scanning them at the till. When you gift physical cards, the QR code that is printed on the back of the card should be scanned at the till. If there are egifts, you can scan straight from your phone, or you can print it out and take a paper copy to the store.

With the Costa gift cards and egifts that you receive, you are able to purchase any item in their participating Costa stores, including coffee, food, and merchandise. Please note that gift cards cannot be used to buy other gifts.

When you redeem your Costa gift card and egift, the amount of the item that you purchased will be deducted from the balance. Any remaining balance you have might be used to purchase additional items. There will be no changes.

You are permitted to use the Costa card and vouchers at participating Costa outlets in England, Wales, and Scotland. It is not possible to use the card and egift at Costa Express locations or in Northern Ireland.

How can I register my Costa Gift Card?

If someone buys you a physical gift card, go into the app and click on ‘Gift Card Balance’. Click on ‘Add or Manage Gift Cards’ and then key in the number and pin of your card. Into the store and load your gift card right into the app, stating the barista to whom you are giving your email address.

When do you expect to receive from Costa Gift Card or egift?

Your egift will be emailed immediately and it should arrive in your inbox within an hour. That is why gift cards are sent using royal mail. Because of the COVID-19, some deliveries may take longer than expected. We cannot guarantee that all deliveries will take place.

How can I top up the value of my Costa gift cards and egifts?

Simply click on the link provided on the official website. You are permitted to top up your cards with a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £75, and the top balance of each card is limited to £75. You must top up your gift card when you go to a store.

What should I do if my Costa Gift Card or electronic gift card is lost or stolen?

Contact the Costa Customer Services team now by using the Contact Us form and mention your name and order number, if available.

What happens to the money that you receive in the form of lost or stolen Costa gift cards or electronic gifts?

When you report your gift to me as being lost, the person responsible for that will replace your costa gift card or egift and transfer the balance onto a replacement costa gift card.

Is it possible for the Costa Gift Card and Egift to have an expiry date?

There will be a balance on a Costa gift card or electronic gift, if it is not used for 12 consecutive months. They reserve the right to cancel your Costa gift card or egift if we suspect that it is being used fraudulently or that you are breaking the terms and conditions.

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