BMO Harris Gift Card Login

BMO Harris Gift Card Login

BMO Harris customers can only receive fan gift cards at selected branches.

How does BMO Harris gift cards work?

Rely on the protection of zero liability.

Only pay for transactions that are authorized using the Mastercard® Zero Liability Protection footnote.

Stay on track, check your spending.

If you are wondering how much you have left on your credit card, it is simple for you to check your balance and transaction history.

There is no monthly service fee.

When the card hasn’t been used for 12 consecutive months, only a monthly inactivity fee of $3.00 will be charged.

It is widely accepted.

You can buy things in the U.S. generally wherever Mastercard® debit cards are accepted. The cards are simple to use and are accepted at most merchants, retailers and restaurants.

Load the card

Choose how much money you want to load onto your card – from $10 to $500. If you want to buy gift cards over $500, speak to a banker. There is a limit of 25 cards per day per customer.

These cards are ideal for a variety of things.

On special occasions.

Are you searching for a birthday, anniversary or graduation gift? Gift cards are suitable for any celebration.


Are you traveling to the U.S. for work or just for vacation? The use of gift cards can be a safer alternative to carrying cash.

Corporate gifts should be given to all employees.

It is a great way to acknowledge and reward your employees and say, Thank you!

How to activate

You should register your BMO rewards collector number on, in order to redeem your points and check your points balance. Be sure to activate your card. Refer to the sticker on the front of your card to find out how to activate it.

How do you check your balance?

Do you have a Harris Bank Mastercard® gift card? To see if your account is balanced, call 1-800-650-0843 or go online. You only need your card number and a security code.


1. Gift cards that are not reloadable. There is a $4.00 purchase fee per gift card. There is an inactivity fee of $3 per month for 12 consecutive months of inactivity.

2. Pay for what you have agreed to on the Mastercard card of yours only. There are exceptions  and also conditions to all of the products you can or cannot buy.

3. Only the customers of BMO Harris can purchase the cards. The BMO Harris Blackhawks as well as BMO Harris Bulls cards are available at some BMO Harris locations in Chicagoland. BMO Harris Bucks cards can be purchased only at some full service locations of BMO Harris, in Milwaukee. There is a limit of 25 cards per person per day that you can purchase. A $4 fee for each card purchased is also a limit. This agreement with the cardholder is for gifts that are sold on or after June 9 of 2019.

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