Bell Gift Card Login

Bell Gift Card Login

Bell has different prepaid options that you can choose from in order to meet your needs. Ensure that your account is active by topping up your account before the funds expire. Do not forget to carry over any minutes that you have not used from one month to the next.

When you pay with the Bell Prepaid Visa® card, you are not using a credit card. It is a payment instrument that is prepaid, stored and rechargeable. After funds are deposited on your card, you are free to make purchases of goods and other services at millions of locations in many countries worldwide where Visa® is accepted.

How do I log in and activate the account?

On the day that your card is registered, you will receive an email confirming that you have received it, and you will receive a second email confirming that the funds have been loaded to your card.

All you need is the following information to register your card.

1. The Bell Order Number.

Please give your bell order number in the email that you received.

2. The Bell Prepaid Visa® Card Number.

If you have a Bell Prepaid Visa® card, you can use that card anywhere where the Visa® acceptance mark is displayed. It is possible that exceptions to that rule will occur. I suggest that you check with the merchant before you decide to purchase something. Some merchants do not accept prepaid gift cards. If you use a card to pay in foreign currency, a fee will be charged to convert the transaction into Canadian currency.

On the transaction history page, you can view the transaction. If you want to see all the applicable fees, refer to the terms and conditions on your card carrier or to

Is it possible for me to make a split payment using the Bell Prepaid Visa® card?

If you are going to make a split payment using your Bell Prepaid Visa® card, tell the merchant that you will be splitting the payment. (Note that some merchants do not allow split payments.) Then you should tell the merchant about the amount that you would like to be applied to your card.

When you make a payment, you should be aware of the amount on your credit card in advance, because most merchants do not have the ability to check the balances. On the web, balances can be checked at

What would happen if my card was stolen?

If you have lost or stolen any of your Bell Visa® prepaid cards, please immediately report it to the Customer Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1-800-624-6171 (in Canada and USA) or 1-905-212-9100 (elsewhere). When your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, as long as the previous owner has registered it. All remaining balances that are available on the replacement card will be transferred to the replacement card, less a fee for the replacement card.

You can use your card in restaurants and salons.

The person who purchases something with the Bell Prepaid Visa® card can use that card to make purchases at restaurants, salons and other merchants that have additional charges or gratuities. Please note that merchants have an additional 20% owed on the purchase of the goods or services. It is recommended that you know the balance of your card before the transaction, in order to ensure that there is enough funds to cover both the transaction and the hold.

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