Axis Bank Gift Card Login

Axis Bank Gift Card Login

All the axis bank prepaid cards have an embedded magnetic stripe that is a permanent marker. The validity of these cards is 1 year.

There are two kinds of features and benefits that people should know.

It is possible to get several benefits from using prepaid cards. They are also very secure, because each one of them has a unique pin number. There are two types of cash that can be loaded on the cards: rs. 500 and rs. 10,000. In this case, the users are allowed to avail exciting offers and decide the amount that they want to pay.

The axis bank corporate gift card is a great way to motivate your employees, your vendors and your customers. The Axis Bank corporate gift card is a flexible, customizable, and versatile tool that can be used to provide tailored solutions for corporate entities. When you purchase any of these axis bank gift cards, you can also use your Rupay cards to pay the merchants in India. Retail stores and online merchants accept them.

How do I get this card?

Axis Bank Gift Cards are available off the shelf at all of their branches. By going to one of the branches of Axis Bank, you can either buy a gift card over the counter.

There is no need for you to have a bank account when purchasing a gift card from Axis Bank.

How do I use this?

  • You are able to use the gift card to make purchases online.
  • Axis Bank is only permitted to give gift cards to individuals who are residents of India.
  • On all the websites where you are planning to buy anything, select the option to pay using debit cards.
  • Enter the card number and expiration date, and enter the email address that you have registered with, when requested.
  • After you submit your request, you will be taken to the page where people can verify their passwords. Enter the password* to access the VBV vault. Enter it here.

What is the password generation process for VBV?

  • When you are the first person to sign up for a VBV card, set a password for paying online.
  • After the payment gateway takes you to the VBV registration page, you will be asked to enter your pin, expiry date, registered email address and register for the first time.
  • If you are able to set a password, that will be your password for all future online transactions.

So how can I check the balance of my money?

  • There is a facility with the axis bank that lets you request the balance of your gift card, using ATM and internet banking facilities. Also in the kit you will find pins for internet banking, ATM pins, and telebanking pins.
  • Check the balances on your account and do your mini-internet banking.
  • Then you can return to the Axis Bank homepage.
  • When you log into the internet, select the Prepaid Card option.
  • Enter the number of the prepaid card that you use as a login id.
  • Enter the web pin that you have been given to log into your account.
  • You can now view the mini-statement and the balance on your card. You also have the option to choose from other services.

How can I assure myself that my credit cards are safe?

As soon as the person who applied uses the card, he must sign on the reverse of the card, in order that it does not become used unauthorised. If a person who is applying to get the card is giving it to another person, that person must sign the reverse of the card on receipt of the card to avoid any unauthorised use of the card.

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