Auspost Gift Card Login

Auspost Gift Card Login

You are able to purchase a gift card for Australian Post from Mastercard®. If you are thinking of thanking someone or treating someone special, that is a wonderful way to honor them. Be sure to use the Mastercard® whenever you shop in stores, on the phone, or online at any place that accepts it.

That provides you with features and benefits.

  • You are able to use your AusPost MasterCard® wherever MasterCard® is accepted.
  • You are also permitted to purchase a gift card and have it delivered or pick it up from any of the post offices in the area where the card is being distributed.
  • By entering a code, you will be able to get more security when you buy anything online.
  • Their time to assist you is between 9am and 9pm every Monday and Friday, and even on national public holidays. Simply call 1800-549-718 and ask what you are interested in.
  • It is possible to check your balance on the web or by phone.
  • You can choose between a value of $20 and $500 for your gift card.

The best thing about buying your card online is that you can get it easily.

If you are concerned about safety, the Australia Post gift card issued by Mastercard® will be deactivated. To activate this app, you must select a six-digit code that will be sent to you via email.

When the card is delivered to you, you will receive a confirmation email, and the code to activate it. It is very important that you give this code to the person you are about to introduce.

When you send the order to the person who is receiving it, please enter the payment details on the order form for that person, rather than the ones that you are entering on your own. So you can complete the purchase, enter the payment details. The email that you have chosen will be sent immediately to the person who receives that card. In that email, you will receive the email containing the code that you used to activate your account.

So activate the key.

Your credit card is something that you must activate over the internet. To do that, you must enter your activation code and signature on the back of your card.

You must also sign the back of your cards, even if you bought them in a shop.

How can I shop in-store?

It is possible to shop anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

Simply swipe the card to show the amount that you have been charged and then enter the pin underneath the scratch panel on the back of the card.

How can I buy things on the internet?

When you make this payment, write the card number, expiry date, and CVV number. You must have the last 3 digits on the signature panel.

Someone may ask you to write a name on your card, but if you do that, in the message, write ‘gift cardholder’.

Dealing with balance and transaction queries on the card.

Both Australia Post and Mastercard take very seriously the protection of their customers. They have also put in place a number of security measures in order to protect them.

If you use your card to pay for goods at certain merchants (hotels, restaurants, taxis, rental cars, and cruise ships), or if you buy something by mail, there are tolerance limits to be paid to your card. When you make a purchase on the card, you must have the authority to buy additional things. That includes tips and other incidentals. It is important that there are enough funds to cover the final purchase. By that time, the amount that has been granted or approved will be debited, and it will not become part of the available balance until that time. It is required that only the amount that has been spent or authorized by the owner of the property be deducted from the amount that is available to be withdrawn.

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