Asda Gift Card Login

Asda Gift Card Login

Asda offers a wide variety of designs that you can choose from, all of which are perfect for any occasion. At your local supermarket, you can pick up one of the gift cards or order some of them online.

You can buy these vouchers for between £1 and £500. You can spend that amount at any of the checkout stations, the self checkout, the scan & go, and at sites like When you give the card to someone as a gift, that person can use all of the money that you have given them, as well as some of it. Your cards are re-usable and you are allowed to top-up your account as many times as you wish.

If you buy Asda gift cards, you must not use them at petrol stations. It is also forbidden to use gift cards for buying concessions, lottery tickets, scratch cards, or purchasing other gifts. Please read all the terms and conditions for the company and learn more.

There are more than 60 different types of gift cards that Asda gives to those of high street retailers.  Many different brands of products are available to buy from iTunes, Next, Nandos, Pizza Express, vue and many other brands.

You can buy various types of gift cards, and the value of the items varies between £10 and £50.

Register to receive a gift card.

You can set up all your Amazon gift cards to be associated with your account, and your current balances and transaction history, and all the orders that you have placed previously are easily visible when you log in. It is important that if your card is lost or stolen, all the money that is on the card will be protected. As soon as you inform Asda about the loss or theft, you should declare this to them.

Log into your account, and then manage it.

When you purchase or receive a gift card from Asda, you should behave just like you would behave toward the cash that you receive. So, they are not able to provide replacements for gift cards that are not registered. If those cards are lost or stolen. In that way, it is important that you register the gift card in order that it will be protected.

It is possible to protect your Asda cards by visiting the company’s website. Click on ‘sign in’ and enter the details to get into your account. Click on the tab to register your card.

By logging in, you are able to do the following things at any time:

  • Check that the money in your account balance is still in your account.
  • You can also top up the value of your Amazon gift card.
  • Buy gift cards from some of the most popular brands including Nike, Panda, Nintendo, Uber, and more.
  • You are able to purchase school savings cards.
  • Buy some online gift cards, and save some money for Christmas.
  • If you see any cards that are stolen, damaged, or lost, please report them.
  • A list of all the frequently asked questions you might have.
  • Check out the conditions that are applicable.

If you request a refund on the gift card, and accidentally throw it away or lost it, send the merchant an email and say what you are doing, so that they can try to help you.

When you have applied the gift card to an order that you placed but still feel that the order was not processed correctly, please contact their customer service by email. Their customer service will make sure that what you need is done for you.

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