www.victoriassecret.com/angel-card – Victoria Secret Credit Card Login

www.victoriassecret.com/angel-card – Victoria Secret Credit Card Login

Victoria Secret gives its consumers an angel credit card. With the card, you will be able to take all the benefits, the angel-only perks, and special offers throughout the year, for becoming an angel. By using the online credit card account, people are also entitled to receive rewards, extras, bonuses, and exclusives. They can access their account anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Types

There are two types of credit cards that you can avail of: pink angel card and Victoria’s Secret angel card. There is not really a big difference between those two. All of the benefits of using the card are the same. No matter which card you have, you can enjoy all of them. Both titles can be used in catalogs, at All vs Pink, and online on the Victoria’s Secret website.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Benefits and Perks

  • Earn 1 point for $1 spent using your Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card. Earn rewards every time you earn 250 points.
  • Earn triple points and receive free shipping on all bra purchases, with their exclusive bra benefits.
  • You can choose from 3 Triple Point Days per year, and every single day that you select, earn triple points on all purchases made with your angel card.
  • The angel and vip cardholders will earn an additional $10 angel reward for each 250 points that they earn, and the forever cardholders will earn an extra $15 angel reward for each 250 points that they earn.
  • There is no limit to the number of points that you can earn in a billing cycle or year.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Receive a special birthday gift during the month that you are celebrating your birthday.
  • You will receive exclusive offers and invitations to big sales, and you will get early access to major sales and other perks for angels only.

Rates and Fees That Will Be Charged to You

  • APR for purchasing products: 26.99%.
  • You are allowed to receive interest-free payments for the next 25 days after the end of each billing cycle.
  • A fee of $0 annually
  • Late Payment Fees: Up to $37 per month.
  • A return of payment fee of up to $25.

How to Apply for The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

You can apply for a Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card online or by going to any of Victoria’s Secret stores. Before you start the application process, make sure that you meet the required criteria. You must also be eligible.


  • You must be a US citizen who is legally resident.
  • A person who is legally able to work must be at the age of majority in her state or territory.
  • Have a valid government-issued photo ID
  • You must also have a valid government-issued tax identification number, such as a SSN or SIN.
  • Have a street, rural route or APO/FPO mailing address (No PO Box)

Steps for Online Application

For the The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card online application, you can use an online method. That means it is fast, convenient, and safe. The site is protected by the latest encryption technologies. As a result, third parties cannot access your personal data and protect you.

  1. There are two ways to start the application. You can visit https://www.victoriassecret.com/angel-card/, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the pink “apply now” button. Or, you can visit https://c.comenity.net/victoriassecret/, click on the “apply” link that is in the upper middle of the page, or click on the pink “apply now” button on the right bottom corner of the screen.
  2.  Read the important information and terms carefully about opening a Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Account before beginning the application process. Choose between two different kinds of cards, angel card and pink angel card.
  3. Provide some of your personal, contact, residential, and financial details so that they can verify your identity and obtain your credit report.

Personal Information:

First Name
Middle Initial (Optional)
Last Name
Suffix (Optional)
Social Security Number
Date of Birth
Annual Income
Contact Information:
Zip Code
Street Address
Suite or Apartment (Optional)
Email Address
Mobile Phone Number
Alternate Phone Number

By selecting “yes” you may add an authorized buyer to your list. Enter his or her name, address, and relationship with you. Once your account is open, you are able to add to your account up to 4 users who are authorized. As the primary cardholder, you are responsible for all purchases that are made on your account.

As soon as you complete the application and submit it, you will receive a response on the status of your application.

How Do I Register for Online Access to the Angel Card?

When you want to access your Vs Angel credit card account any time over the internet, first complete the registration process, and then create your account by following the steps below.

  1. Access Victoria’s Secret by going to https://c.comenity.net/victoriassecret and clicking on the registration button at the top, or on the sign in tab, click on “register for online access”.
  2. Enter your credit card account number and your zip code or postal code in the fields that are relevant.
  3. Choose the form of identification that will be used to apply for the account.
  4. Enter the last four digits of your SN or SIn or Alternate Identification Number, whichever one is used.
  5. Click on the button that says “find my account”.
  6. Then, create your username and password. Enter your email address and mobile phone, and click on the button “create account” to set up your angel account.

Sign Into your Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Online Account

Once you are registered and have the option to access your account, you are able to sign in and access your angel card account anytime you want. When you log in,

  1. Go to the Credit Card Center for Victoria’s Secret Angels at https://c.comenity.net/victoriassecret/.
  2. Enter your Username and Password in the spaces that are blank on the Sign-In section on the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. Check the box that says remember me if you are planning to use the device frequently.
  4. Click on the button that says ‘Sign In’.

If it is your first time logging in with a device that is new or unrecognized, a security code will be sent to the mobile phone or email address that is associated with the account for the security purpose.

Then you can use the remember me feature in order to skip the steps that you are doing next time. You are permitted to use this feature on up to 10 devices. It is recommended that you check it only on your own device, not on public devices.

Be careful that multiple unsuccessful attempts to log into your account will result in your account being temporarily suspended. When you are locked out of your account, you will receive an email with instructions.

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